Alexandria Moscatel Raisins Hand Clipped 1Kg Box


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Hand clipped Alexandria Moscatel Raisins  1 Kg box

Cardboard packaging box.  Item Dimensions     W 23 x D 14 x H 5.5

Ingredients : Moscatel Raisins

This is an annually produced seasonal product available from November of each year.



In stock


These Moscatel/Muscat raisins are Premium quality, carefully selected from only the best artisan produced hand-harvested grapes, which make their transformation from grapes to raisins laid out to bake in the sun in the mountainside vineyards of Malaga.

Rich in vitamins and minerals they’re eaten whole, seeds included. Also available ‘On the Vine’. A totally natural, delicious traditional artisan food

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 21 × 36 × 5 cm

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